New image in our App Center – Windows Server 2012

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We recently added two new images to our App Center – Windows Server 2012, both stand alone and with MS SQL 2012. Both images have been tested during the last weeks and are now available in our App Center. Installing from image is done as usual, choose your image and then your hardware template. The server is created and then you have total control of the  virtual machine  in the administration interface for City Cloud.

Windows Server 2012 differs a lot from its predecessor Windows server 2008 Datacenter. Not just by the differences in look and feel but also through new and updated features. The biggest news in this OS has to do with virtualisation. Since your server is already running on a virtualisation platform (City Cloud itself), you won´t be able to utilize these features. Here are some features that you CAN use.


With deduplication activated, you can save a lot of storage space on your hard drives. Deduplication is a method of minimizing the used storage space by looking in to the blocks that data consists of. If a certain block already exists on the hard drive, that perticular block will not be saved to the hard drive again. Instead a reference is made to that block.

Power Shell 3

PowerShell was already present in Windows Server 2008 as a complement to CMD.EXE. In this version over 2400 “commandlets” have been added and you can now control basically every aspect of your system with PowerShell.

Resilient File System

Or ResFS as it´s also called, is a new file system, designed to be more robust than even NFTS against corruption. With ResFS you don´t need to decide beforehand if you want to use deduplication. You can activate this function whenever you want to save storage space.

Our Image

In our App Center you will find two images, one standalone Windows 2012 image and one wich includes MS SQL 2012. Standalone Windows cost ~17EUR/month or ~0,0236EUR/h. MS SQL has the same price with put´s the combined image at ~34EUR/month or 0,0472EUR/h.