New dashboard with an overview of all your City Cloud services

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Today we are launching a brand new main dashboard in the City Cloud control panel with simplified stats and graphs for all your City Cloud services. We strongly feel that every City Cloud-user should have all the important stats about their services easily available to them in order to get a good overview of their usage.

No surprise, City Monitor, our latest addition to the City Cloud family, is the driving force behind this release. We have added graphs to all sections of the control panel as well as updated some old ones in the server section. Here are some goodies that you will find on the main screen of from now on.


The dashboards

What we have added are 4 new dashboards, a separate one for each service and a main dashboard that show data from the individual ones summarizing the complete engagement over multiple data centers. With all the important stats collected in a unified view we can give you a total overview of your most important City Cloud data by immediately answering two important questions:

How much do I use and has there been any problems with any of my monitored services.

From the main view, you can immediately see how many cores, memory and storage your virtual servers have allocated and how many are online/offline. You can also see in which data center they are located and a graph covering outgoing traffic. The Monitoring section covers all your monitored services with an average load time, aggregated uptime and information about alerts and number of measures. The backup section covers the number of backup clients and the amount of backup storage you are using.



The same graphs and information is available in the respective service section in the control panel for Servers, Backup and Monitoring. For the server section, we have also updated the extended graphs that cover information about each individual server that you have created.


These graphs show more detailed information about each individual server that you have created.

Detailed view


Get in control

This addition to the Citycontrolpanel is not just good looking graphs. It’s just as much about providing the tools to take control over and being aware of your usage. Also, with some of the types of data that we provide, you can take action sooner rather than later. Regardless if that action is about increasing or decreasing recourses or creating redundancy to our other data centers, we feel that you need to be informed and in control.

We hope that you will find our latest addition useful and would love to get some feedback. Feel free to comment your suggestions below.