New City Cloud node in Stockholm

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It´s time to reveal another one of our biggest news this year. City Cloud is now available in both Karlskrona (main data center) and in Stockholm. Our dedicated team of technicians have been working hard to get our new node up and running and our developers have been busy building a new interface for the entire service. Today we launch both of them in BETA. The old City Cloud interface will not be discontinued right away but as of now development will cease.

We were the first hosting company in Sweden to launch an advanced cloud service for virtual servers in 2009. Now we take it to the next level by opening up a new City Cloud node in Stockholm. This is a huge deal and presents a range of opportunities for all our customers who need to build redundancy for their mission critical services. The combination of full virtualization, more nodes and the fact that the data is still located in Sweden is a unique combo.

New user interface

As we  let customers in to the new Stockholm-node, we also launch a brand new user interface. Not only can you manage your servers in both Karlskrona and Stockholm but the interface is also packed with some great new features. Among those, our users will find:

  • Billing info – Accumulated and estimated monthly cost
  • Location overview – List and filter your VM´s based on location
  • Filtering options – Filter your Vm´s based on status or OS
  • Graphs – See your bandwidth, Disk IO and CPU usage

More and more features such as our onlinebackup service, security reports and more will be added to the interface later on – making this our combined user interface for City Cloud, Onlinebackup, Managed Hosting and Monitoring.

How to get started

If you want to try out and use the new user interface right away, all you need to do is to visit and login with the details that you normally use when logging in to the old user interface –


The Dashboard – A summary of your usage








The server tab with a summary of the VMs, filered by datacenter and tags







Creating a server








Creating a server – Choosing hardware profile and estimated cost







Detailed view of an individual server







Detailed view of an individual server – Graphs











Usage overview – Recourses and Costs