Managing your City Cloud server

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In the last post we went through the process of creating a server in the new user interface for City Cloud. Today we are going to show you how to manage your server and how to make changes to it.

Detailed view

By navigating to the server section of the interface, and then clicking one of your servers, you reach the detailed view of that server. Here you can see all information about your server and also modify it. In the top right corner of the detailed view you can see and change the state of the server and clone it.








Changing the hardware template

In City Cloud, you can change the hardware template within a few seconds. Simply change the template to one that suits your needs and click save to apply. In the new interface, you can make changes to the template at any time, however the server needs to be re-booted for the changes to take place. As soon as you change the hardware template the price changes are also applied. In City Cloud you only pay for the resources that you have allocated.

  1. Change the template
  2. Save the changes
  3. Stop the server
  4. Start the server

While browsing through the  available hardware templates, you can easily see the cost for each one in the green box to the right.









Adding disks

You can add up to 3 additional disks to each virtual machine. Each disk can be up to 3TB in size. To be able to add disks, your server must be switched off.

  1. Click the “Stop” button
  2. Click “Add disk”
  3. Choose the disk size and click “add disk”
  4. When you are done and the disk has been added to your virtual machine, start the server back up by clicking “Start” in the top right menu of the detailed view.

















Connect to your server

You can use any tool you want to connect to your server. In the City Cloud interface, we have built in a simple VNC client, for when you might not have access to your favorite tool. Simply klick the “Connect” tab and click “Launch VNC applet”. Use the pre-defined credentials and remember to change your password.