Larger discs in City Cloud

Özgür Bal City Cloud Leave a Comment

City Cloud We recently made a huge update in the City Cloud service. The update makes the use of larger, and more, discs available for all our customers.


Prior to the update, each account in City Cloud had the ability to create up to 16 virtual machines with a total of:

16 processors
700GB Disc space

Each virtual machine has a 20-50GB system disc (depending on which OS you run) and the ability to create one additional disc with up to 300GB. After the update, each account has a limit of 2TB disc space which can be divided between all the virtual machines. Another great feature is that each virtual machine can have not just one, but two additional discs which can be up to 1TB each.

We hope that this update gives our customers enough disc space for all their web projects. We are also happy that we continue to develop our service and this year will be full of surprises. Keep an eye out!