Kickstart your Kubernetes skills!

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Clearly you’ve heard of Kubernetes. Kubernetes has soundly won the container orchestration contest, and if you’re looking to deploy containerized applications, Kubernetes is the way to do it.

If you’ve been following the latest developments in OpenStack, you’ve certainly also heard that there is a lot going on on the OpenStack/Kubernetes integration front. (See this Superuser article from February, for example.) And here at City Cloud, we’ve been rolling out OpenStack Magnum in our global OpenStack cloud over the last few months.

You’ve probably also heard of our training platform, City Cloud Academy. Open to our own employees and our customers, City Cloud Academy brings technologists up to speed. Whether it’s about learning OpenStack-Ansible, or Ceph, or OpenStack Heat, it’s our central skill building platform. And for a few months now, we’ve made some of our courses available for free. Today, we’re adding our Kubernetes course to that list.

CC216: Practical Kubernetes with OpenStack Magnum

Practical Kubernetes with OpenStack Magnum is a fully self-paced course that doesn’t start with Kubernetes, nor does it stop there.

Instead, it covers

  • The basics of containerization: what’s in a container, and how does it differ from what’s in a VM?
  • Container types: what’s a system container, what’s an application container?
  • Container runtimes: Docker, rkt, lxc/lxd: how do they compare, what do they do differently?
  • Kubernetes: where does it come from, what’s its purpose, how can I use it?
  • OpenStack Magnum: how do I run Kubernetes clusters in OpenStack clouds, with minimal effort?

And as all our courses, you will be learning all of these things hands-on.

Labs, labs, labs for everything

At City Cloud, we don’t believe in theoretical indoctrination. Nor do we make you download VM images to run locally on your laptop or workstation. Everything you do hands-on, you can do right in your browser. (We’ve written about this elsewhere, too.) In our CC216 course, you will

  • Create your own Kubernetes cluster template with Magnum
  • Fire up a new Kubernetes cluster
  • Explore the Kubernetes API, kubectl command-line interface, and the Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Run a containerized LAMP application on your Kubernetes cluster
  • Run services in a highly-available fashion with static and dynamic persistent storage provisioning
  • Scale services horizontally
  • Scale your entire Kubernetes cluster horizontally

You’ll walk away with a confident understanding of Magnum and Kubernetes fundamentals that you’ll be able to apply to any Kubernetes environment.

20 seats for free — grab them while they last!

Starting today, we will be making 20 seats per month in CC216 available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. So head over to City Cloud Academy, register an account if you don’t have one already, and enroll. See a “Course is Full” message? No worries, you can always come back next month. Got questions or feedback? Please feel free to use the Discussion tab and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Happy learning!