Did you know that you can clone your servers in City Cloud?

Özgür Bal City Cloud 2 Comments

Cloning of servers is a function that was first introduced back in Q1 2010. The cloning function has not been given the attention that it deserves until now.

So, imagine that you are in need of several servers with the same configuration, perhaps for loadbalancing. In previous releases of City Cloud you had to create the server itself, configure it and do it all over again until you had the amount of servers you needed. Well not any more, now all you have to do is to create one server, configure it and then clone it as many times as you wish.

After having created and configured a server, shut it down and press clone as shown in the image below.


It takes about 10 minutes for the image to be cloned and voilá! You have an exact copy of your previous server ready to go.


The clone is, as per definition, an exact copy of the server which it orininated from. Now it´s easier than ever to create backup servers, load balancing servers, clusters etc.