Smart monitoring and auto-scaling visualised in Slack

Özgür Bal Autoscaling Leave a Comment

This spring we have had an ongoing project together with our friends at op5 and Elastisys. The aim was to utilise smart monitoring, autoscaling and our public cloud and show the potential of the combined power of the three in a new way.

Visualisation through Slack

In this demo, we have combined the op5 Monitor with the Elastisys autoscaling engine and the City Cloud public cloud infrastructure to highlight the combined benefits of monitoring automation, and public cloud. When an increase in load on the web server is detected, it will automatically alert Elastisys that will notify City Cloud to add another web server instance when needed. If more than one machine is required to cover the current increase in the load, Elastisys will notify this to City Cloud as well. Likewise, the system works backwards and scales down when resources are not needed.

Our joint consensus from working on this project are that each open source organization or projects can do marvelous things on its own but, when you combine organisation and like minded people, you can truly create new innovative ways to tackle problems that most organisations are facing today in a quite simple way.

Read more about the project in the op5 blog