Did you know that you can control your cloud servers in you iPhone?

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The first time we presented the CityMonitor back in April we still wrote in Swedish. Now that we have the holiday season and all, we thought that a presentation in English would be in place.

The CityMonitor is an app developed by one of our customers actually. Anders Wiredal, a developer and consultant in Jönköping, created this app in the beginning of 2010 just after the release of our API for the City Cloud Service. He submitted it to the App Store on the 22:nd of April. It was accepted and can now be downloaded directly to your iPhone.

citymonitor citymonitor

This app gives you realtime monitoring of your virtual machines in City Cloud. You can also scale your VM´s, start, stop, pause, show the logg and view the details of your machines such as IP-number etc.

We want to point out the fact that Anders Wiredal doesn´t have any connection to City Network or City Cloud other than being a customer. We are very happy that he developed the app though, it certainly helps us in our everyday work and probably yours too.

Once again, Thank you Anders for this app and good luck with your future projects!